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 Yuci Dai 

Icon and illustration design is ubiquitous on electronic devices. It aims to visualize functions and software minimally and aesthetically — but can icons and illustrations tell stories? My answer would be yes. As an international student studying in Canada, my project narrates personal encounters during the pandemic; explores the aspects of aesthetics, the content and use of icon and illustration design; and engages with thoughts on life, health, and feelings.

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Since yesterday, all in-person classes have been cancelled and moved online. I am glad because it means I don't have to finish some of the follow-up assignments. However, today I went to the supermarket, and I saw everyone buying a lot of face masks and hand sanitizers. The shelves were almost empty. It made me panic and overwhelmed. Because I have some natural respiratory problems, wearing a mask for a long time makes me uncomfortable. Yet, for the safety of myself and others, I have to wear one. I'm wondering how long this situation will last. It should end soon...right?

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I'm finally on the airplane home now, after my flight had been canceled three times. I'm wearing sweltering protective clothing, and am going to wear a mask for 15 hours. This one-way ticket cost 8,000 dollars, which used to be 2,000 dollars before the pandemic. This is crazy, but I have no choice. The border is almost closed and only a few flights remain. Most of my Chinese friends are back in their homes in China. I miss them and mom and dad. Hope I can be home soon.



Happy birthday to me! Unfortunately, I'm quarantined in a hotel in Guangzhou. Under Chinese policy, all travelers arriving in China from overseas are subject to a mandatory 14-day isolation. It is indeed a good way to stop the spread of Covid-19. Although there is no cake or party today, my friends have sent many gifts to my hotel room from Beijing, and I feel a lot of love. I count down the days until the end of the quarantine, wishing that I can return home successfully and healthily to see my parents and friends.

Isolation icon-02.png
Isolation icon-02.png


I'm FINALLY home. But the time zone difference turns all my classes into the early morning and late-night classes. Every day, I sleep at dawn, get up in the dark. And I really wanna go out for a walk in the sunlight. Even though I'm home now, I barely see mom. I sleep when she goes to work in the morning, and I am always in class when she falls asleep. I miss the in-person classes sooo much, meeting friends and professors, and buying an iced vanilla coffee at Tim Hortons. When can I go back to in-person classes again?


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